成为绿色国家领先的制造网络和专业发展组织的成员! 作为会员,您将被通知每月旅游,网络机会,和特殊活动.

加入是容易的. 请在下面提供您的信息, TAMA的董事会将在下次月度会议上考虑你们的个人成员资格. 董事会的一名代表将很快mg4355电子游戏娱乐场,讨论这一过程, 会员的好处, 和更多的. 正式会员为100美元,准会员为250美元.

正式成员 qualify by (a) being an employee or member of a manufacturer whose production facilities are located in Northeast mg4355电子游戏娱乐场; (b) are administrative and/or faculty personnel of educational institutions and non-profit organizations serving the manufacturing industry in the Tulsa area; (c) members having at least two years in good standing immediately before retirement or sale of their company (they may retain their membership until they become employed full-time in non-manufacturing activities).

准成员 qualify by (a) being employed by an organization identified as a service provider to the manufacturing industry in Northeast mg4355电子游戏娱乐场; (b) all other personnel or potential members not meeting the requirements of TAMA's "eligible personnel" within the by-laws or falling into the category of "student."


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